Wrought Iron Railings

Stylish and Secure Gates

Stunning Hand Rails

Beautiful Weather Vanes

Tongs and Iron Work

Clocks, Christmas Tree Stands and Wall Brackets

Durable Garden Furniture

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Wentworth Forge, established in 1985, is positioned in an 18th century wheelwrights forge in the village of Wentworth. We offer a unique blend of traditional and new manufacturing methods.


Our product range is vast.
We make items to your design and specification, listed below are just a few.

• Light forgings and industrial steel work including industrial tongs, re-forging chisel bars and picks etc
• Security grills and doors
• Heritage restoration work undertaken
• Weathervanes, all designs
• Garden furniture
• Gates and fencing that are both ornamental and secure
• Handrails of all types
• Brackets for hanging baskets in all sizes and styles
• Brackets and fastenings to suit that awkward job or to replace broken or
repaired items, from that trusty spade to a garden roller
• Christmas tree stands and wall brackets
• Curtain poles in various designs to suit any shape and size of window
• Ornamental clocks

Plus many other items.